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Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

Container loading is crucial in the good delivery of your goods. Incorrect careless loading can cause damages, incorrect quantities, wet goods, or even another customer’s products. So CSD make sure with the CLS inspection that your products are in the same condition they were before loading began.

Purpose: To ensure your merchandize are loaded appropriately with correct quantity and in a good condition onto the container.

Main objectives, checking for: Correct products, correct quantity, shipping marks, condition of cartons, condition of container(s), supervising careful loading (minimizing damage), delaying loading during inclement weather, client’s special requirements are implemented, etc.

Time: After final product inspection (FPI) and prior to the container being sealed.

Location: At the factory where the goods were produced, or much less often at the freight forwarder's or reseller's warehouse.

Report: Pressing issues will be reported to you immediately. Full report with detailed photos will be sent to you within one day!