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We Source What You Need, at the Price You Need


Any time you operate in a foreign environment for component sourcing, there is risk. We can help you reduce that risk with our experience and relationships. Our sourcing services can help you avoid obstacles that can come your way whilst operating in a foreign environment. Our import services from China are designed to limit these risks and enhance your business success.

C.S.D. specializes in direct buying management, analyzing and sourcing your needs. This enables our worldwide partners to have a competitive advantage. We source reliable manufacturers and send you full information, photos, prices and samples when needed. We can arrange meeting directly with the manufactures and provide a translator.

C.S.D. guarantees the best prices and quality possible. We have wide manufacturer connections and many years of experience in negotiations and closing deals.

C.S.D. has experienced western and Chinese staff, who responsibly act in your interest. This mixed team combination of western and Asian culture, bridges differences in understanding the importance not only of pricing but of quality, timing and after sales service. At the same time also understanding the Chinese export procedures, custom clearance requirements etc.

C.S.D. guarantees quality control. We will send you pre-production samples and provide skilled personel looking after your order at all stages of production, making sure the end production is more than satisfactory !

C.S.D. can arrange for transportation, supervising the process and making sure of a successful clearance and shipping. We can also arrange combined shipping from more than one manufacture loading one container.

C.S.D. can ship directly to your client, saving shipping cost and warehouse space, also minimizing damage caused by loading and unloading.

     You are in Your Country

       You Pay for Products


   You Receive Your Money | Your Partner in China !

Your Customer in His Country

        Shipping of Product

C.S.D. is your eyes and ears in China. Informing you of interesting new products or good business deals.

C.S.D. follows up all your orders, informing you at all stages, where your order is at and making sure that is moving as planned.

 aim is to be your reliable, trustworthy, long term partner, ready to give you a helping hand for our mutual benefit. Our low percent fee proves we are looking for a mutual long term business cooperation.

All we need from you are the following details : a. What is the product   b. What is your target price   c. How many do you want. Just provide us with these information, and leave the rest on us !

for more details look at the C.S.D. Inspection page >>